A Quaternary Solution that Eliminates Odors, Germs, Microbes, and Bacteria

GERM WARFARE is a very effective quaternary ammonium formulation that controls germs, bacteria, and microbes that cause foul odors in many environments, including; athletic facilities, hospitals, restrooms and locker rooms, and virtually any non porous surface. It is a non-staining odor neutralizer and deodorizer. It eliminates odors caused by mildew, smoke, vomit, sewage and urine. Concentrated, safe, and eco friendly.

QUAT soluton to eliminate odors, diseases by germs, microbes, bacteria.

GERM-WARFARE is a specially engineered, water based concentrated product, that eliminates odors. GERM-WARFARE effectively stops bacteria, germs, microbes, that are responsible for causing odors. It is a very concentrated product and needs to be diluted as per label instructions. Dilute 1 part with 64 parts of water. Properly diluted it is very effective and safe for use on a wide range of water-safe non-porous surfaces. Its formulation eliminates airborne odors and substrate embedded odors. It is ideal for institutional and industrial use as well as in public facilities.

  • Very effective to eliminate odors from synthetic turf and matting
  • Instantly removes sources of odors without masking
  • Acts as a very effective cleaner, killing oil and water-based odors
  • 64x Quaternary Concentrate product, economical and effective
  • Dilute 1 part with 64 parts water. 2 ounces per gallon
  • Can be sprayed with pump-up hand held sprayers or ride-on boom sprayers
  • Leaves no sticky or soapy residues to attract dirt, soil, re-staining
  • Safe to drain diluted rinse into sewer systems


GERM WARFARE Safety Data Sheet PDF