Eco Works Supply is a distributor of turfgrass seed products from Jacklin Seed, serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Arizona.

Jacklin Seed is a leading turfgrass research, breeding and production company offering the expertise and innovation that golf courses, sod farms, sports field managers value.


Eco Works Supply offers their full product line of turfgrass varieties including Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Creeping Bentgrass, Tall and Fine Fescue, Zoysiagrass, Bermuda and other specialty grasses.


Zones 1, 2, 3, 6 and golf greens in Zone 4
A cool-season grass that works great in most climates for golf course greens, tees and
fairways. Jacklin® varieties are tested globally to know which ones perform best for turf
quality under golf course conditions.
Alpha T-2 (T2 creeping) OECD “Pinehurst” Armor
Golf Star Idaho BentgrassKingdomLoft’s L-93 (L93 creeping)
L93 XDPutter (creeping) T-1 (T1 creeping)OEC”TeeOne”
V8 (Creeping) OECD Ignite


Zones 4 and 5 and warmer sites in 3
A perennial warm-season grass recommended for all types of sports fields, golf
courses, home lawns, and in some cases general erosion control for roadsides, mines,
or other low-maintenance areas.
Hollywood Jackpot
Southern Star SunDevil II


Zones 1, 2, 3, 6 and shaded locations zone 4
A general term used for grasses such as creeping red fescue, chewings fescue, sheep fescue, and
hard fescue. The grasses are most notable for their shade tolerance and low maintenance
Creeping Red Fescues Products
Aruba (Creeping Red) Audubon (Creeping Red) Lighthouse (Slender Creeping Red)
Hard Fescues Products
Ecostar (Hard) EcoStar Plus
Chewings Fescues Products
Jamestown II (Chewings) J-5
Sheep Fescues Products
Marco Polo (Sheep)


Zones 1, 3, 6, shaded locations zone 4.
The elite grass of choice for cool-season climates where summers are warm and winters are very
cold. Jacklin® is the world leader in breeding and production of Kentucky bluegrass varieties
Super Elite Class (Poa Pratensis) Products Products
Award Everest EverGlade NuDestiny NuGlade
Elites With Special Attributes Products
4-Season® JackpotBlue Liberator My Holiday Lawn™ NuChicago
Elite Class Products
Awesome Beyond Excursion Freedom III
Impact Odyssey Perfection Rugby II
Mid-Range Class Products
BlueChip BlueChip Plus NuBlue Plus


Zones 1, 2, 3 and winter overseeding zone 4, 5
The most popular cool-season grass for winter overseeding and turfgrass mixtures. It is mainly used
for its quick germination and ease of maintenance.
Accent Accent II Caddieshack Caddieshack II CSI-Rye™
Gly-Rye™ GoalKeeper GoalKeeper II Monterey II
Monterey 3 Revenge GLX Spyglass Sunrise
Top Gun Top Gun II
China Products
Daytona Fairway Overseeder® II WinterGame


Zones 1,2,3,4
Although considered a cool-season perennial grass, theses turf-type varieties can be used in the
transition zone as well as warmer climates due to using less water during the summer when
compared to other cool-season grasses.
Arid 3 Inferno Jaguar 4G NoNet® Spreading Tall Fescue
Pixie Quest Summer


Zones 3, 4, 5 and Zone 1 with special establishment care
A warm-season perennial grass that is harder to establish but can be worth the wait. Jacklin®
varieties may be the perfect choice in climates which experience higher temperatures and humidity.
Cathay Zoysia Sunrise Zoysia J-37


These specialty grasses have unique growth habits and characteristics that help improve conditions
where your soils or budget have limitations.
Cathay Zoysia Desert Oasis seashore paspalum Fults Alkaligrass
GolfStar Idaho Bentgrass Havana Poa trivialis Irish Links
Reubens Canada Bluegrass Scottish LinksSea Spray seashore paspalum
Streaker Redtop Sunfire Bahiagrass
Sunrise Zoysia

Products are available in all of the standard sizes of bags and totes. See your Eco Works Supply Representative for pricing.