Xtra Grass Hybrid Turf

XtraGrass is a network of synthetic turf fibers woven into a strong backing material and laid directly on a standard field base. XtraGrass is carefully is topdressed with sand and over-seeded with your choice of turfgrass. Within days, the grass seeds germinate and grow between the synthetic fibers and through the backing. This creates an incredibly strong natural grass surface which is resistant to heavy wear. As the grass grows, 60% of the backing material biodegrades, leaving more room for the roots to grow through, while still retaining a strong support structure for the grass.

ECO Works Supply represents Graff Turf Farms, exclusive distributor of XtraGrass from Astroturf.

Available as sod grown with customer’s specific seed in Colorado and also available as the Xtra Grass turf for customers to overseed over sand infill on the Xtra Grass turf.

XTRAGRASS is the Ultimate High-Wear Turf Product

XtraGrass is a natural grass turf reinforced with artificial fibers to give a winning formula of great natural grass playability and a surface that is much more resistant to wear.

XtraGrass is a unique and patented turf reinforcement system providing the best aspects of natural grass with the durability of synthetic turf. Ideal for football and soccer fields, as well as high use areas such as golf tee boxes and areas around cart paths, XtraGrass is a proven solution for even the most heavily used sports applications.

Operational Benefits

• Maintenance – XtraGrass uses a standard rootzone mixture which retains nutrients and water. No specialized equipment is required for an effective maintenance and fertilization program of XtraGrass.

• Aeration – XtraGrass allows aeration using standard maintenance equipment and this ensures the surface remains in top condition. By contrast, aeration is much harder to achieve with other grass reinforcement systems.

• Re-turfing – If, for some reason, part of the surface has to be replaced, this can be done very
easily and quickly with XtraGrass. For other turf reinforcement systems this can present a
major problem, resulting in the damaged areas being replaced with standard natural turf
which will wear at a much faster rate than the surrounding reinforced area.

• Aesthetics – Even when the natural grass is worn, the field will still have a good visual
appearance to both spectators and to TV cameras due to the green synthetic fibers showing
through the surface.
Playing Benefits

• Consistency – XtraGrass provides a consistently high quality playing surface year round, and
accommodates up to five times the wear of a purely natural grass turf.

• Reduced Risk – The risk of injury caused by an uneven surface and divots are eliminated – the
XtraGrass structure ensures fields stay divot free throughout the year.

• Weather – Even under wet conditions, players are much less likely to slip and fall on XtraGrass
as the playing surface retains its stability at all times.