An Oxygenated Multi-Use Cleaner (concentrated)

This product brings you the cleaning and brightening power with the odor killing action of peroxide.

Cleaning brightening odor killing action of peroxide

Peroxide is widely known to be a safe, eco friendly, highly effective cleaner and whitening agent. Peroxide is used in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications including; aquariums, whitening teeth, cleaning contact lenses, as mouthwash, to disinfect cuts and skin infections. WHITE WATER is peroxide based, safe, and stable. It is an effective formulation for cleaning, neutralizing and eliminating odors. This biodegradable cleaner is low foaming, contains no harsh chemicals, and leaves no streaks or residues.

WHITE WATER is a powerful, concentrated, stable peroxide cleaner used to remove stains, dirt, soils, grease, mold, mildew, and organic matter in a very safe, eco friendly chemical process. WHITEWATER is a concentrated product, that needs to be diluted at least 1 part WHITEWATER to 128 parts water for medium cleaning strength and 1 part to 10 parts of water for heavy duty cleaning. It contains NO corrosive ingredients, contains NO carcinogens or harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach. It is safe for use on almost all porous and non-porous surfaces. leaves no residue and no lingering odors on cleaned surfaces. Rinse water is safe for run-off in sewer system.

  • Eliminates the use of high pH or low pH cleaning products that can cause damage
  • Contains no Butyl cleaners, no Alkyl phenol ethaxylates ( APE’s ), no combustible or carcinogen chemicals
  • Has no toxic fumes, no offensive odors and will not damage clothing
  • Safe, superior odor destruction
  • Cleaning and whitening power without bleach
  • Uses Oxygen as the cleaning agent
  • One product doing 95% of your general cleaning
  • Oxygen boosts the active agents for a deeper clean
  • Significantly reduced residue for less re-soiling, less cleaning
  • Superior health and safety without sacrificing cleaning power


WHITEWATER Safety Data Sheet PDF