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It is our hope that you, your loved ones, and your associates, are keeping safe from the Covid-19 virus. We have put together information about several products that will help you when you need to disinfect your facilities. The BioCide 100 product is EPA registered and verified as a product that kills Coronavirus on hard surfaces and synthetic turf surfaces. The Bac Shield product is also EPA registered and acts as a shield to protect surfaces from Coronavirus and a host of bacteria.

& Cleaners
& Amendments
Robotic Sprayers
& Turf Paint Sprayers
Hybrid and
Synthetic Turf
Crew and
Corporate Clothing
Netting, Fencing
and Windscreens
Turf Covers, Matting,
Yard Markers, Irrigation
Field Equipment
Eco Works Supply is a manufacturer and distributor of Ecologically Friendly Organic-Based fertility products to address the needs of institutional, turf and agriculture industries. Our products are used widely by institutions, commercial gardens, sports field maintenance, golf courses and agriculture. Our fertility products are industry-leading, best of class and cost less. We emphasize products that are environmentally sustaining. Our hardlines and synthetic turf products cover a broad range of applications. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right product for all your natural or artificial turf needs and your disenfectant requirements. Our Hardlines and Clothing solutions are an additional service we offer to professionals.
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