Irrigation Head Raising and Leveling

Eco Works Supply represents LeveLift, the unique system for raising and leveling swing joint irrigation heads in minutes. Turn hours into minutes The LeveLift is a revolutionary new system that will effortlessly lift and level sprinkler heads that are too low and out-of-level. The key to its amazing performance is the ingenious utilization of the stored energy that resides in your pressurized irrigation system to do the dirty work of pulling the heads. Let the LeveLift do the work.


Developed by a former golf course superintendent, the LeveLift is a marvel of practical engineering. It utilizes the water pressure that exists at the sprinkler head to develop hydraulic pressure in the system’s actuator assembly. When the head is pressurized, the actuator will quickly and easily pull the sprinkler bucket up and into a perfect ground level position.


Bring your irrigation system back to its original design specifications and

  • improve distribution uniformity
  • reduce labor costs by 75%
  • minimize turf rehabilitation expenses
  • reduce sprinkler head replacement costs and damage to solenoids
  • reduce water consumption and pump use
  • maximize irrigation efficiency
  • practically eliminate disruption to play
  • improve overall course conditions


Each LeveLift is made from the highest grade of stainless steel and brass and is built to withstand the most demanding conditions. Visit LevelLift to see a video demonstrating how this unique system works. Or ask us to demonstrate the product at your course.