ECO Chemical Templine Turfpaints & Removers

Quality turf paints and removers need to do the near impossible. Turf paints need to go on easy, cover uniformly, look good, stand up to weather and wear, and yet be easy to remove when the time comes. That’s a lot to expect from a paint.

Make TempLine™ Paints and Removers part of your team. As an NFL Approved Vendor you can depend on the TempLine™ Team– the people who invented and patented the first synthetic removable turf paint system and extraction equipment.

TempLine™ Synthetic Turf Paints & Removers consistently meet these expectations.
TempLine™ products work together to provide a complete, high-quality, low-risk
approach to turf painting and removal.
• A broad palette of available colors, plus custom color-formulation service
• Paint and remover options for different field conditions, durability and changeover needs
• Professional help with designing the right marking system
• Dependable assistance in product selection, estimating quantities and scheduling orders
• Guidance and trouble-shooting in preparation, painting, and paint removal

TempLine™ Paints & Removers work as a team.
Our products are precisely formulated to work as a team under a variety of
conditions. Combining our products with our expertise will create a winning
solution for your field marking needs.
• Paints that coat without build-up
• Paints that don’t “texture” and negatively impact the play characteristics of the field
• Low VOC formulations, with no odors or fumes
• Paints that thoroughly re-liquefy upon removal, without solid residue
• Pre-painting solutions to promote adhesion on newer fields

TempLine™ offers value beyond other paint and remover products.
TempLine™ products deliver results you can take pride in, while minimizing risk.
• Paints that “bring the show” with superior game-day appearance and
• Removers that do their job without chemical harshness, turf damage or
environmental harm
• Paint removal with minimum labor, waste, turf wear and worry
• Less stress when dealing with tight field-change schedules
• TempLine experts always available, ready to help

Choose a TempLine™ Paint and Remover to suit your climate and durability requirements.

TempLine™ Paints

Our most popular paint formula provides easy application, thorough coverage, high weather and play resistance, while allowing fast removal and changeover speeds.
Fast Break
Designed for short-term events or when frequent field changes are required. Provides moderate weather resistance and play wear with excellent removability. A good choice for warm, dry climates and other high-temperature conditions.
This is our most durable, hard-working formulation, designed for harsher conditions requiring greater weather resistance or durability. Ideal for longer term applications.

TempLine™ Removers

LV (Low Viscosity)
Designed to flow more easily through application and cleaning equipment sprayers or other low pressure mechanical conditions.
Our thicker formula remover provides for longer evaporation periods, making it preferable for use in hot, dry climates.

TempLine™ is a System, not just a menu of products.
TempLine™ is committed to delivering a high quality, coherent system for field turf conditioning, painting and paint removal. This requires products that deliver superior performance with all types of synthetic turf under a variety of weather and climate conditions. It frequently involves our specialized removal equipment to get the job done. It also requires customer service backed by technical knowledge and specialized expertise to help you do the job with confidence. Perhaps most importantly, we believe it requires products and advice that do no harm to our customers, their employees or their environment. We gauge our success entirely through the eyes of our customers. If you’re curious about how we’re doing, ask a TempLine user.

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