Eco Works Supply Granular Fertilizers – From Organic and Natural Sources

Eco Works Granular fertilizers are a re-creation of long tested organic/natural formulas. We have re-manufacturing these products and are making them available through Eco Works Supply

In the manufacture of these fertilizers we use primarily organic non-animal waste products such as wheat middling’s, soybean meal, hydrolyzed feather meal, molasses and natural forms of phosphorus to create an even, slow release natural/organic fertilizer.

Historically these fertilizers give a very even release over a period of 7-8 weeks and the 20-0-6 product lasts from 12-14 weeks. They create a more humus soil that holds moisture longer and produces a nice green color to turf. And they will feed the microbes in the soil.

Eco Works Granulars have organic contents ranging from 65.3% for 20-0-6 to 99.85% for 11-0-0 products. Most are over 90% organic content.

These products are excellent products for any organization looking for longer lasting and environmentally friendly fertilizers. This fertilizer is available immediately in two pallet minimum orders. Products come in 50# bags and other sizes by advance request only.