ECO Works REOX 12-0-0

When used in the soil REOX 12-0-0 will naturally increase the soil’s organic matter and energy level, while conditioning soils to uptake any nutrients it may hold. Nutrients which normal-ly may not be 100% available. REOX 12-0-0 contains natures own growth promoting sub-stances and microbial cultures in a specialized enzyme formulation designed to break down organic waste and increase nitrogen and phosphorous availability. This is all packed in a pro-prietary blend of carbon, nutrients, and Kelp to help support and multiple beneficial organisms naturally found in our soil eco system.

REOX 12-0-0 helps save and revitalize soils that have spiraled down an unhealthy path. Whether the soil has fully been depleted or is just starting to become depleted of its ability to sustain life.