Turf Boost 8-2-4 with Molasses

Turf Boost 8-2-4 is a great source of carbohydrates that stimulates beneficial microorganism growth by providing a immediately available sugar source (molasses).


Turf Boost 8-2-4 is a liquid water soluble, bio-stimulated, hot mixed, homogenized NPK formulation. It’s specially developed for different stages in the plants life cycle. Each cycle in the plant life is different from growth to bloom to fruiting. Therefore it needs more or less different elements to complete its job at each cycle. Plant growth energies can be divided into two separate parts during its life cycle.

ANIONIC– In this stage the plant is in the growth mode. It starts from the time the plant emerges from the seed to the point where the plant has matured or begins to flower. Higher NITROGEN is needed to aid the plant in this stage.

CATIONIC– In this stage of the plant life from flowering to harvest, the plant is in the production mode and no longer actively growing. Higher PHOSPHORUS & POTASH is needed in this stage.


The ingredients in Turf Boost 8-2-4 are 100% water soluble and manufactured using an ORGANIC (sugar) based chelating agent . It is immediately available to the plant (via Foliar application) therefore making this product extremely efficient for the plant to pick up in situations where a rapid response is desired. Turf Boost 8-2-4 contains no EDTA chelates.