GreenJacket Athletic Field Rain Covers

After a harsh winter these greens are off to a great start!

Key Advantages ofGreenJacket Covers

  1. Much lighter weight than coated tarps. Easier to handle.
  2. Thinner but strong, making storage easier and over-all smaller final roll size.
  3. Extruded Engineered Film Truly IMPERMEABLE. Competitors will crack and leak in time.
  4. White will reflect Sunlight vs heating up like most dark colored tarps will do.
  5. Repairable with Repair tape.

GreenJacket Mound and Base Covers

  • Why delay the game due to wet conditions? GreenJacket Athletic Field Rain Covers are waterproof. Sure to keep rainwater away from the playing field.
  • The material is made of UV resistant Cross Laminate Poly. Overall Thickness is 10Mil or 12Mil providing excellent durability.
  • Puncture resistant. The String Reinforcing Filament within the body of the material insures superb strength and tear resistance. If a tear or puncture does develop, it will remain small. All seams are joinedby a lamination process keeping the seams of the cover water proof.
  • Outside edges have all double folded Sewn Seams with Grommets on 3ft intervals.
  • GreenJacket Athletic Field Rain Covers are a unique Superior Rain Cover that will last for years of service.
  • Available by the piece or by Kits.
  • Available in Custom Sizes.

GreenJacket Full Infield Turf Cover

  • GreenJacket Full Field Turf Covers are Rip Stop Reinforced Engineered Films and consist
    of High Strength Laminated Polyethylene film. The heavy scrim reinforcement placed between the laminations greatly enhances the tear resistance of the film as well as adds in stopping the tear from migrating.
  • Available in two Styles our 6.8 oz/yd² GJ 10 WW and our 7.8 oz/yd² GJ 12 WB for the best durability and longitivity.
  • Custom Sizes available upon request.
  • All seams are a Laminated for true IMPERMEABILITY. Sure to outlast woven/coated type covers .
  • All edges furnished with a double fold, double lock stitch hem. Sewn in Handle furnished every 12ft around the perimeter edge and on each corner. Sod Staple available upon request.

For more information or ask one of the Eco Works Supply representatives to give you more information and a quote for your areas to be covered.