Greens Covers

Eco Works Supply now represents GreenJacket Covers, the industry-leading supplier of permeable and non-permeable covers for greens, tees, and other turf cover needs.

Impermeable Covers

GreenJacket® IMPERMEABLE covers are engineered to provide a high strength, tear resistant IMPERMEABLE barrier keeping Mother Natures elements away from the turf. GreenJacket®, with Rip Stop Reinforcement, turf protection system, provides a unique combination of patented products to protect from the harsh effects winter can have on open turf. GreenJacket® IMPERMEABLE covers provide protection against crown hydration, the #1 turf killer in the north. GreenJacket® provides a protective IMPERMEABLE barrier layer against ice damage, as it never reaches the turf! The covers are also effective against desiccation, as the winds are virtually deflected off the GreenJacket® cover and away from the underlying turf. In addition to hydration, ice damage and desiccation, GreenJackets® regulated light transmission rates are able to minimize temperature fluctuations helping to keep turf dormant during midwinter warm-ups, and control overgrowth in the spring. GreenJackets® unique film qualities have a life expectancy of 5+ years. By utilizing an engineered lightweight film, they are easy to handle, fold compactly, and use a minimal amount of storage space.

Permeable Covers

GreenJacket® PERMEABLE grow-in covers help with just that, Grow-in. When heat is wanted to assist the turf and soil in warming up, the GreenJacket® PERMEABLE grow-in covers act in conjunction with the suns power to create a greenhouse effect. However, being permeable the Grow-in cover will allow the turf and soil to breath but at the same time retain moisture and dramatically increase the suns ability to heat up the under lying turf. Perfect for jumpstarting newly established turf and root development. The PERMEABLE covers are great for over night Frost Protection, helping to eliminate Tee Time starting delays in the late fall and early spring. GreenJacket® PERMEABLE grow-in covers are made of uncoated woven poly material that is UV resistant and will perform for many years.

GreenJacket Air Flow System (AFS)

We are excited to introduce the GreenJacket AFS (Air Flow System) insulation. We have been listening! While our Foam Insulation will still be available, we are answering the call for a better method of insulating, while allowing for even BETTER air movement under the IMPERMEABLE GreenJacket Turf Cover.

Visit GreenJacket for more information or ask one of the Eco Works Supply representatives to give you more information and a quote for your area to be covered.