TAZO ® – B Liquid Root Growth Stimulater

TAZO®™ contains Azospirillum, a bacteria that has been shown to fix atmospheric nitrogen and produce plant like compounds that stimulate root growth and development.


TerraMax proprietary formulation technology has enabled the delivery of viable Azospirillum, at ample population levels to the plant root zone. When the living Azospirillum is in the root zone it will attach to the root hairs and provide beneficial impact to the plant.


Numerous Azospirillum trials have shown significant improvement in root mass 15-30 days after application. Independent trials and those conducted at the University of Nebraska have confirmed the TerraMax observations.


This liquid “broadcast” formulation is designed for spray application to existing Turf grasses with conventional spray equipment. We recommend a large droplet size so that the material does not stick to the foliage, but drops to the soil, it should be watered in for best results.


TAZO®-B is mixed with water and applied at a rate of 2.5 gallons of mix per 1000 sq. ft.


Application Instructions
Application Application Rate Frequency
All types of warm and cool season grasses 32 ounces of TAZo – B per acre or 0.75 oz. per 1000 sq.ft. Apply every 30-60 days based on conditions
  2.5 Gallons or more of water per 1000 sq. ft.  
For compatibility recommendatinos please visit TerraMaxag.com for all current compatibility information.
Guaranteed Analysis:
Azospirillum : 2 x 10~5 

Benefits of Use:
Greater root mass
Nitrogen fixation
Greater ability of the grass to withstand drought stress and disease pressure.
Enables a Nitrogen replacement strategy.
Lower Environmental impact.

Problem Condition:
Disease pressures
Various environmental stresses

Physical Properties:
Weight per gallon……….12.20 lbs. 

Appearance and Odor:
Dark Brown liquid

Store between 40°F and 80°F, do not expose
to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Container Size:
2.5 Gallon
1 Gallon

Limited Warranty: TerraMax, Inc. guarantees that this product conforms to its label description and is suitable for its intended use when used in accordance with the label directions before the expiration date. TerraMax, Inc. or its representatives must be notified of any turf complaint within sixty (60) days after spraying. TerraMax, Inc.’s sole obligation under the warranty shall be to refund the purchase price. TerraMax, Inc. shall not be liable for and disclaims all consequential, incidental and contingent damages whatsoever. Without limiting the foregoing, TerraMax, Inc. shall not be responsible fro loss or partial loss of turf from any cause whatsoever. The limited warranty is in lieu of other warranties, express or implied. This limited warranty is void where prohibited by law.