“Over the past few years I have been using a variety of Eco Works Supply turf enhancement products. These products have performed very well for me. They are very easy to use and compatible with many different products. The Soil Amend Plus has performed extremely well on our putting greens enabling deeper root depth which has been beneficial with drought tolerance. The 16-4-8 has been a reliable NPK source and lasts two weeks which is our spray program interval. Dark Green is exactly what is says, within two hours after applying we are able to see instant greening up of our turf.
— Jeramy Gossman

“Eco Works Supply products have been a major part of my spray program for about 8 years. I have tried and use many of their products. The Soil Amend product for root promotion I can’t live without during the season. The large assortment of liquid N-P-K and liquid micro products allow me to vary what I use and put down only what the soil needs. The immediate result from Dark Green is very impressive. Dark Green is a product I use in nearly every application. The crew clothing line CycleWorks offers allows me and my staff to look respectable and helps with the bottom line. CycleWorks salesmen are very knowledgeable of their products and my needs as a golf course superintendent. They respond quickly to my calls with the right answers, every time.
— Geoff Jordan, Golf Course Superintendent | Pine City Country Club | Pine City, MN

Glen Redenberg of GSR Calcium discusses how his company works differently to provide customers great results.

Watch a video describing how Levelift’s product helps get sprinkler heads raised and leveled to return it to original design specification.

Watch the Golf Course Superintendent of Green Tree Country Club in Midland, Texas discuss how Texas Earth’s products help him keep his course in shape.
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