Liquid Soil Conditioners

Eco Works Supply has a broad range of liquid soil conditioners. If your quantities are sufficient and you need a custom mix of ingredients we can help. Contact us or explore our programs if you need more information.

Eco Works Soil Amend Soil Amend, a blend of Fulvic, Humic Acid and Seaweed
Eco Works Soil Amend Plus — Everything in Soil Amend plus SSP
Eco Works Super Hume OMRI LISTED — This is highly concentrated form of liquefied organic carbon
Eco Works SSP Soil Loosener — Engineered to loosen compacted soil, not a wetting agent, this WORKS!
Eco Works Seaweed 8 OMRI LISTED — Derived from cold water North Atlantic sources
Eco Works Nitro Fix OCIA ORGANIC — A two-part water soluble Nitrogen fixing beneficial bacteria package
Eco Works Super Fish OCIA ORGANIC — Derived from Ocean Fish that feed on Mineral-Rich Plankton containing essential trace minerals and Macro and Micronutrients